24th March - Memory Loop (online)

Memory Loop is a video game in which the characters explore the deep oceans of the unconscious mind. That is where we can embrace the beauty of regrets, forgotten memories and reconcile with ourselves. In this space, YOU can decide the storyline. YOU are in charge.

24th and 27th March - Reverberance (Enjoy-Art Museum, Beijing China)

Reverberance, a multi-sensory live performance hosted by the Enjoy-Art Museum, Beijing China. Reverberance explores the nuances of experiencing a creative void. The installation is generated by memory patterns that are crystallised during childhood. The forms are symbolic of memorabilia and architecture that hold nostalgia like the adult treehouse, the music box, and origami children's games. In this performance, dancers will activate the space by treating it as an instrument. The performance aims to realise one's own naivety and negotiate dualities within creative space.

26th March - Tell All (online)

To culminate our series of events we will be hosting a Zoom conference. On this platform, we will do a performance presentation using a curated selection of the documentation which we collected on our projects

Memory Loop

Interactive Performance

Please drag or click your mouse to operate.

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Here is the download link.

Otherwise, please use Firefox to open this webpage,
or the game interface will not be fully loaded.

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WebGL builds are not supported on mobile devices.